Fix Restore and Renew NJ DMV License Issue:  A Step-by-Step Guide

The process of renewing and restoring a driver’s license can be a daunting task, but it is a necessary one. In New Jersey, the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) is responsible for issuing and renewing driver’s licenses. Drivers are required to renew their licenses every four years, and failure to do so can result in fines and even suspension of driving privileges.

Fortunately, the MVC has made the process of renewing and restoring a driver’s license easier than ever before. Most drivers are eligible for online renewal, which allows them to renew their license immediately and print out a receipt to carry with them in case their license expires before they receive the new one in the mail. Even if the renewal form says that a driver is required to visit an agency in person, most are still eligible for online renewal.

For those whose licenses have been suspended, the process of restoration can be more complicated. However, the MVC has outlined a clear three-step process for driver’s license restoration. The first step is to find out why the license was suspended by calling the MVC at (609) 292-6500. Once the reason for the suspension has been determined, drivers can take the necessary steps to restore their license and get back on the road.

Renewal Process

To renew a New Jersey DMV license, there are two options available: online or in-person. The online renewal process is the easiest and most convenient way to renew a license. However, not all drivers are eligible for online renewal. In-person renewal is required for those who are not eligible for online renewal.

Online Renewal Procedure

  • To renew a license online, drivers must visit the NJ MVC License Renewal website.
  • If the driver is eligible for online renewal, they can renew their license immediately.
  • A receipt can be printed out to carry with them in case their license expires before they receive the new one in the mail.
  • The new license will arrive in the mail within 2-4 weeks.
  • ticket payment online

In-Person Renewal Steps

If a driver is not eligible for online renewal, they must renew their license in-person. The driver must schedule an appointment to renew their license at a local Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) office. The driver must bring all required documents to the appointment.

Required Documents for Renewal

To renew a license, drivers must bring their current license, proof of identification, and proof of residency. A full list of acceptable documents can be found on the NJ MVC License Renewal website.

Payment Methods

The renewal fee can be paid with a credit card or electronic check. The fee is $24 for a four-year license and $48 for an eight-year license.

Overall, the renewal process for a New Jersey DMV license is straightforward. Drivers can renew their licenses online if they are eligible or in-person if they are not. The required documents and payment methods are clearly outlined on the NJ MVC website.

Restoring NJ DMV License

The procedure of restoring your DMV license is simple. There are two important steps to follow, which include:

  • First, pay the fee for restoration.

The restoration charge is $100. There are three payment options available to you. Specifically, they are:

  • Pay for yourself at a motor vehicle agency.
  • Pay online on the NJ MVC website (we will go over the online method in the next section).
  • Send a money order or cheque to the address shown on the bottom of the suspension notice: New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, P. O. Box 140, and Street Address Trenton, NJ 08650-0134(This is a faster option)

Alternative option: Without the bottom of your suspension notice, submit a payable money order or check to NJ MVC, including your driver’s license number on all payments, to the address bolded in number 3 above.

  • In the next step, provide proof of any paid fines.

As the driver, you must present proof of payment, demonstrating that you have paid any outstanding tickets or fees. Check the following items on your list for the final few license restoration steps:

  • Satisfied suspension reason.
  • The suspension time has been completed.
  • Paid any outstanding cost.
  • I received a notice of restoration to your email.

If everything above has been addressed, the next step is to determine whether the license is still valid. This is very dependent on your suspension duration. If the DL has expired, the next step is to renew it in accordance with customary procedures.

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